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KM Fabrics creates upholstery velvet and velour for a variety of applications. Because our fabrics are controlled in house, we can offer quick delivery of a wide array of colors and weights. All our products are American-made.

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Recommendations on Caring for Velvets for Upholstery Use


Velvet and velour upholstery can be difficult to care for, because it’s not always possible to remove material and send it to a professional dry cleaner. Still, you can take several measures to care for your upholstery fabric.

Dust can settle on upholstered furniture. Do not allow dirt to become too excessive, because it will make fabrics more difficult to clean. Velvet and velour upholstery should be cleaned regularly to ensure prolonged life and appearance. Regular care should consist of:

  • Vacuuming with a nozzle always in the direction of the nap
  • Brushing with a hard clothes brush
  • Removal of stains

When mohair velvets are not regularly maintained, the well-worn areas will show pile distortion and matting over a period of time. Depending on the color of the fabric, you will notice this condition by a change of the shade. Sitting, heat, rising air humidity, and body moisture, and any material used to cover velvets can all factor into this change. This color change is typical of velvets and is neither a defect nor is a sign of inferior quality. This effect can be removed by one of two ways: apply a damp cloth (not wet) overnight to restore the mohair fiber, or spray the fabric with distilled water for a few seconds and again leaving it to dry overnight. After this treatment the fabric must be completely dry before it can be used again. You can use a hairdryer set a lowest temperature to dry it.

Due to the structure of mohair and other wool fabrics, small knots may occasionally appear during the spinning and weaving process. Also, a few single black and white hairs that do not absorb color during the dyeing process may be visible in the finished fabric. These characteristics do not in any way reflect on the quality of the fabric but instead emphasize the natural character and authenticity of mohair and other wool fabrics.

It is highly recommended for all upholstery fabrics to have a special soil-repellant finish to enhance the longevity of the product.

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